Sunday, Date: Mar 26, 2023 Time: 5:14 pm

Road side encroachments continues

Mohali: Mohali residents wonder, does the concerned officials really have any concrete policy against roadside encroachments in Mohali?
Unfortunately, with the present situation of roads in Mohali, it seems, concerned officials have no such plan so far, as a result, illegal grabbing/ encroachment of roadside is continuing unabated in almost every part of Mohali.
Residents said that without carrying out a massive anti-encroachment drive, the Mohali Municipal Corporations action in this regards, would have no meaning at all.
Residents complain that the illegal hawkers has encroached upon footpaths which is causing traffic congestion and many times people randomly park their vehicles on the road to purchase fruits and vegetables from these vendors. The vehicles parked on the road occupy the space meant for vehicles to commute.
Despite the fact that the Mohali Municipal Corporation has constructed pathways for the convenience of pedestrians, a majority of them have been encroached by the street vendors, no checks have been conducted to restrict such vendors from illegally occupying the footpaths stated residents.
A senior citizen added encroachments are so massive in the evening that pedestrians are forced to step on the road. “Although the encroachments are comparatively less in the morning, it still causes more inconvenience to the early morning walkers. Some vendors set up food stalls with plastic sheets tied to serve as a shelter during evenings.
With many public spots located in the area, traffic snarls are a common sight. Main Phases dividing roads witnesses a lot of traffic throughout the day and it is unsafe to walk on the roads, but there is no other way.
Residents also add that the number of street vendors occupying the pavements illegally had increased significantly. But Who Cares???

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