Wednesday, Date: Mar 29, 2023 Time: 2:54 pm

Road signs in Mohali hidden or Broken

Mohali: Most of the road signs installed in Mohali are either broken or are hidden behind the overgrown trees due to which they are not much help to the commuters.
A senior citizen commuter visiting Mohali said that today during his visit to Mohali he found that a road sign installed near Spice Lights was broken from one side and so he could not make out what it said.
While, talking the The Aman Sandesh Times he pointed out that the commuters from outstation, who are not familiar with the area, had trouble in locating their position.
Most of the commuters and residents said that authorities concerned appeal to ignore or believe in dealing the repair/replacement of sing boards, at the cost of convince of commuter/public and added senior officials of MC Mohali a not claim to be unaware of the position of broken/defaces signboards.
“These broken signs sure must be visible to the civic officers as well, so why are they not fixing these. Why do they have to wait for a complaint?”
Senior Deputy Mayor Mohali Municipal Corporation Amrik Singh Somal said he will bring the issue in the notice of the concerned and will get the broken signs replaced soon and ensure that the commuters have a clear view of each sign board installed in Mohali.

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