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Tuesday, Date: Apr 23, 2024 Time: 5:28 pm


Mohali: As Mohali Municipal Corporation has been spending crores to beautify the city, but the maintenance of roads, stretches leading towards Industrial Area Phase 7 and 8are virtually crying for attention.
A visit by Team The Aman Sandesh Times to certain parts of the industrial area showed poor condition of roads, particularly at the entry in Industrial Area Phase 7, near idea Spice light point. The road can be seen dotted with potholes, have broken kerbs and uneven surface.
“It’s a nightmare to travel on these roads,” said a commuter. “The roads are dotted with potholes.
Another commuter working in a private company, said the things got worst during rainy days. “Waterlogging on most of the roads in the area is a common sight due to poor drainage system.
But Who Cares???

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