Wednesday, Date: Mar 22, 2023 Time: 12:25 pm

Rope fencing opposite Fortis Hospital goes un-noticed

Mohali: Commuters and visitors driving towards Fortis Hospital from Pb School Education Road faces inconvenience as the road opposite to the Fortis hospital, Sector 62 opposite Vikas Bhawan, PUDA Bhawan in Sector 62 can be seen partially blocked as the road has been encroached upon the road Rope fencing , which disrupt the vehicular traffic.
Commuters added that the road in front of Fortis Hospital Mohali has fencing on half of the road which makes it totally unusable as poles are kept on the road and are tied by rope fencing on the one side and vehicles can be seen parked on the other side, due to which only half of the lane is left for commuters to drive leading to traffic jams at most of the time on each side.
It is pertinent to mention here that stretch of road on front side of the hospital has been virtually cordoned off, depriving it from the use of commuters. Rope fencing on the one side remain erected all the time also pose a great hardship to commuters and during peak hours in the morning and evening, leading to disruption at times even leads to minor accidents.

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