Wednesday, Date: Mar 29, 2023 Time: 2:37 pm

Senior Citizens Demand Proper Upkeep of Nature Park Phase 9

Mohali: The apthy of MC/Civil body in maintaing parks is causing inconvenience to the citizens who want to visit the Nature Park in Phase 9 and thussenior citizens residents of Phase 9 actively took part to make the Nature Park Phase 9 more beautiful and clean. Seniors citizens resident of Phase 9 Mohali this morning initiated a drive in Nature Park Phase 9, during which they cleaned park area to make it polythene free and waste materials, used plastic plates, collected empty beer bottles from park area and put them into dustbins said TPS Bedi.
Senior citizens added, we all senior citizens like to visit this place to destress ourselves, the park had an open gym and nice scenery along which help us to relax, the people do came here to walk or jog, but in recent times, the park is not getting cleaned by Municipal Corporation, Mohali and requested the concerned officials to take a look at the park and make necessary changes in the interest of residents.
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