Wednesday, Date: Mar 22, 2023 Time: 12:43 pm

Shobha yatra held out to mark X-mas

Mohali: Church of Glory and Wisdom Prophet Bajinder Singh Ministries – New Chandigarh celebrated Christmas by organising a colourful shobha yatra. The procession began from Boothgarh Mohali Siswan Road to Chandigarh, in which large number of people participated from Punjab and other states and celebrated the birthday of Lord (Lord) Jesus Christ.
Haryana Governor Bandaru Dattatreya was the chief guest and said all to serve humanity and not any religion or caste, and expressed his happiness on seeing the devotion of all the devotees, and said that humanity is the biggest religion.
President of Church of Glory and Wisdom Prophet Bajinder Singh Ministries said shobha yatra was an occasion that brought together the Christian community and send out the message of love and peace.
The procession witnessed a warm welcome and presented colourful tableaus depicting the birth, crucifixion and re-incarnation of Jesus Christ. Carols spreading the holy messages of peace were sung.
The gathering was served with community lunch and later the ceremony was concluded with a community prayer

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