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Thursday, Date: Apr 25, 2024 Time: 12:40 pm


Mohali: Once a planned and beautiful city Mohali is now becoming a congested city day-by-day and encroachment is the biggest root cause of this problem.
Street vendors encroach upon every busy road and market in the city which often leads to massive traffic jams during rush hours.
Even shopkeepers tend to rent out the space outside their shops — be it footpaths or roads — thus making mockery of law.
Encroachments are visible in numerous markets of the city where business totally and in present day situation it seems encroachment is must.
At several places it has been noticed that shopkeepers even allow street vendors to use the passage/ space in front of their shops, as a result, massive traffic and fatal accidents take place, especially during festive season.
It is pertinent to mention here that it is not just in markets, even property owners knowingly allow shop keepers sit and use the open space adjoining to their houses/ shops.
In order to end this trend, the government should make strict laws and along with imposing hefty panelities. After serving a notice, the encroachments should be destroyed if owners do not comply with the guidelines.
Residents suggested that specific areas should be earmarked where street vendors can be allowed and entrance of vehicles should be strictly prohibited and only pedestrians should be allowed to enter such zones.
While describing their in ability to use passge in Markets, Residents added that, every person has a right to use public properties, including roads, passages and others but unfortunately, the right of common use gets violated when one starts to encroach upon common property or property of government and restrict others movement.
In present situation the roads and pavements in markets are seen encroached upon by shopkeepers and vendors especially during festive seasons under the nose of authorities concerned.
Sometimes officials have to Residents suggested, that there must be strict laws to handle such situation. The Municipal Corporation (MC) should allocate separate space to street vendors. Regular inspection should be conducted in the markets to check encroachment.
The civic body should also establish a separate cell to receive complaints from residents. The charge must be given to a private agency to avoid political interference. Heavy fine should be imposed upon encroachers. People should cooperate with the government for hassle free movement by residents in Markets. It is the moral duty of each and every citizen not to encroach upon any public space.
Law must be made that encroachers should not be given basic amenities, including water, sewage and electricity. Moreover, the government should award residents who inform them about encroachers. But Who Cares???

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