Sunday, Date: Mar 26, 2023 Time: 5:26 pm

Stray cattle irks residents

Mohali: Stray cows are a frequent cause of road accidents in cities, where they crowd roads. Cow attacks on pedestrians and vehicles often become deadly. Stationary cows on the road are a cause of frequent deadly road accidents.
Stray cattle menace in Mohali continues to pose threat to commuters and residents and often resulting in injuries and deaths.
Despite many deaths and injuries to residents, the administration and Municipal Corporation have failed to address the issue and tackle the menace.
Mohali residents said, The MC and the district administration should ensure proper management of stray cattle at cattle pound and appropriate action should be taken against those who abandon their cattle on roads when they get old or are not needed anymore. The presence of stray animals on the roads can lead to major accidents.
Residents and commuters added that many people have been victims because of the menace.
Commuters added, that the Municipal Corporation Mohali should ensure that stray cattle are shifted and kept at respective pounds. Commuters fail to spot stray animals on roads during night hours, which leads to major accidents.
Ms Kiran Sharma Joint Commissioner MC Mohali said the corporation staff carried out drives to catch stray animals during which a number of stray animals were caught during a special drive and transported to cow shelters and some other were caught thereafter. We will ensure the stray animals are removed from city roads and all care will be taken care for the safety of residents and commuters.

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