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Thursday, Date: Apr 25, 2024 Time: 5:18 pm


Mohali: The stray animals, especially cows and bulls, can be seen roaming freely on the roads in Mohali city. Even during the cold the stray cows can be seen sitting on the road and blocking the passage for the traffic.
Food leftovers and leaves dumped by the restaurants, marriage halls and roadside eateries is the main sources of food for the stray cattle loitering in the city. The vegetable waste found strewn on roadsides and streets is said to be one of the reasons for the proliferation of stray cattle in the city.
Many cattle could be seen roaming freely on main road in Phase 1, Near Barrier Road, it is a common sight to see animals wandering on this road as fruit and vegetable shops and vendors throw rotten vegetables and fruits in open at this place near main roads.
The slow-moving animals do not bother to encroach the main road in spite of the honking of horns by motorists. It ultimately hinders the free movement of traffic. There had been several instances of two wheel rides falling down due to the problems caused by stray animals.
Residents added, “We often see animals hold up traffic on busy street. They eat vegetables kept by traders on the roadside and loiter around the area even during the night. The owners of the cattle take them to the sheds only for milking. Otherwise, the cattle simply live on roads.
Residents said that the Mohali Municipal Corporation, which was supposed to take action against those responsible for letting the animals to roam on streets, had not taken serious note of the problem. The inaction of the civic body had caused a manifold increase in stray cattle and demanded tough action should be taken against the owners of the stray cattle.
Mohali residents demanded that a solution to the problem of the stray cattle should be found and all these animals should be shifted to cow shelters. Who Cares???
Mohali has at least three cow shelters but animals can still be seen on the roads. The residents said the government must create more cow shelters so that the accidents caused by them on the roads could be checked.

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