Saturday, Date: Mar 25, 2023 Time: 6:08 am

Stray cattle menace persists unabated in Mohali

Mohali: Stray cows or stray cattle are animals such as cows, bulls, oxen and buffaloes that roam freely. A cow is considered “stray” when its owner no longer claims ownership or its owner cannot be determined.
The Municipal Corporation Mohali seems to have failed to tackle the stray animal menace in the city.
Owing to the presence of stray cattle, commuting has become risky as herds of stray cattle can frequently be spotted squatting on roads and the Airport Road is posing threat to commuters and pedestrians. Airport Road the outer areas of the city remain affected continuously as the stray animals regularly cause accidents. A city resident said, “The MC should ensure proper management of stray cattle, commuters fail to spot stray animals on roads during fog, which leads to major accidents.
Stray animals can be seen roaming around the roads on a regular basis and due to the presence of stray animals on road it increases the threat of accidents and sometimes animals start fighting among themselves which becomes a cause of concern.
Residents demanded that necessary measures must be taken to shift the cattle to shelters and suggested that high reflective tapes could be pasted on the horns of stray cattle to make them more visible at night.
Residents added that roads are already burdened with vehicles. Then there is the problem of stray dogs and now the menace of cattle is growing at an alarming proportion. The free roaming of animals is a threat to motorists. During evening hours herds of buffaloes could be seen roaming on the roads.
Residents complain that cattle owners allow the cows and buffaloes to loiter around on public roads, the possibility of connivance of MC Staff with the owners of such animal cannot be ruled out. Cattle disrupting traffic has become a common sight. Who Cares???

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