Thursday, Date: Mar 30, 2023 Time: 10:14 pm

Stray cattle roaming freely is a grave threat to motorists in Mohali

Mohali: The problem of stray cattle is nothing new to road users in Mohali, but in the last few months it has reached alarming proportions.
Herds of stray cows and buffaloes roam freely on the thoroughfares and interior roads causing hindrance to traffic. Many people riding two-wheelers have been injured after the vehicles skidded because of cow dung on the road.
Residents added, at night, vehicle users cannot spot the vehicles, especially on streets with poor illumination.
“Our roads are congested. Stray cattle add to the traffic woes. Sometime ago, the civic bodies used to continuously impound roaming animals and put them in a shelter. The menace is more serious than one imagines.
Free-roaming cattle is a threat to two-wheeler riders as animals run on the middle of the road and all of a sudden move sideways causing road accidents.
A motorist while talking to The Aman Sandesh Times said, we can see the herds of cattle along the main roads as some are let out by owners at night and these animals return home at daybreak. They not only cause traffic snarls but also spoil the roads, despite paying of taxes and cess nothing has been changed, we still live in a situation where straycows rule the roads.
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