Thursday, Date: Mar 30, 2023 Time: 10:17 pm

Stray dog menace continues in Mohali

Mohali: Failure of concerned authorities to check growing stray dog menace in Mohali is visible with the increase in number of stray dogs in Mohali streets.
In absence of a major dog sterilisation programme, stray dog menace has gripped almost every locality in Mohali.
Despite massive increase in dog bites, Municipal Corporation has failed to take any measure for checking the menace.
Residents added, Stray dogs have occupied every lane and bylane in, we cannot venture out in morning or in evenings due to terror due to presence of scores of dogs.
Grandparents added, we are unable to let our grandchildren move out of our house to play who had come for vacations given risk of bites.
Residents demanded out that a concrete plan or policy should be framed by the authorities in order to check the rising population of canines. “Lack of concrete efforts from the administration side failed to give desired results.
Residents added, MC Mohali is humbly requested to set up dog shelter homes on the lines of cow shelters as a result Mohali graph will definitely go up Swatch Bharat Abiyan for clean cities of India.
Our mission should be Clean Mohali, Green Mohali.
But Who Cares???

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