Sunday, Date: Mar 26, 2023 Time: 6:30 pm

Stray Dogs terror in Mohali

Mohali: The terror of stray dogs is increasing day by day in Mohali and residents seem to be living in fear of stray dog attack in many parts of the city. Some people, who spoke to The Aman Sandesh Times added they are afraid to go for both morning and evening walks, and ride on two-wheelers at night, as stray dogs come running towards them with incessant barking. The unchecked growth of stray dogs on the city streets is to be blamed for the present scenario.
A senior citizen a resident of Phase 9, said stray dogs were posing a real threat to them. In his locality, a stray dog had chased a boy and bitten him recently, instilling fear among the children.
“We had made several representations to the Municipal Corporation to address the increasing stray dog menace, but officials haven’t done anything so far. Lots of stray dogs could be seen on the streets at any given point of time,” he said.
Another resident a teacher by Profession, said stray dogs chasing motorists is a common sight in her locality. “The dogs are not a threat to the residents, but they go after strangers, especially motorists. However, we can’t stand their barking and howling at night, as that deprives us of sound sleep.” The stray dogs mainly feed on the garbage dumped on roadsides or the bins and some residents could be seen feeding them initially, but seems to have stopped the same as the number of stray dogs has increased.
Stray dogs start fighting with each other when any one try to feed them,” said a resident. Anil Kumar, another resident, said the stray dog menace could be brought down significantly by clearing garbage bins regularly. “Dogs could be seen near the bins most of the time, looking for food.”
Sahil resident of Phase 1added, that the terror of stray dogs is increasing in Mohali, due to which children, women and the elderly are very upset. It is alleged that complaints are being made to the MC Mohali regarding this matter, but no concrete steps are being taken by the concerned authorities and added “Several accidents also occur in nearby areas as dogs chase bikes and cars”.

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