Wednesday, Date: Mar 29, 2023 Time: 4:26 pm

Tangled cable wires are a threat to residents and commuters

Mohali: Tangled cables lying on roads and hanging dangerously on poles, some of which are only about four feet from the ground, have caused concern in Mohali.
Residents added, in several areas, wires could be seen lying on the sidewalks and threatening pedestrians, commuters and residents.
Loose hanging, spreading and overhead electrical wires and cables are a common sight in the city. It poses not only a serious threat to the precious lives of the people but also to the property. This threat increased due to the monsoon.
Residents stated, scattered wiring makes the area vulnerable to short circuits and added it is not only the market areas, industrial areas, but also residential areas that are suffering from a similar fate.
At several electric poles wire hangs loose and endangers lives. The wires are also not tied or placed neatly, but rather you would find them disorganized and messy. “It looks like the government is fast asleep and waiting for an unfortunate event.
Residents suggested that all wires must be insulated and special techniques should be adopted by the MC for laying of underground wires and demanded strict action should be taken against the internet service providers and cable operators who leave the tangled wires open and carelessly while taking connections from electric poles.
Ensure public safety and avoiding any mishaps. But Who Cares???

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