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Thursday, Date: Apr 25, 2024 Time: 12:18 pm


Mohali: Clamping wheels and imposing fine on vehicles seem to have hardly any impact on persons parking their vehicles in ‘No Parking’ zones in Mohali.
Commuters can be seen parking their vehicles on the roadside in congested areas, especially in commercial hubs, nerowed space roards can b used by others moters in absence of wrong parking.
“Three-wheelers are parked under No Parking boards and four-wheelers are also parked at such areas, such violations choke areas in Mohali, residents wonders at the inaction of police who frequent that stretch.
Parking and No Parking zones are marked after calculating traffic congestion that could be caused in the particular place. In an effort to avoid congestion, parking is not permitted for a distance of 50 metres from junctions and it gives enough room for vehicles to take a turn. There are quite a few places, such as Phase 1 street opposite Franco Hotel where the city police are trying out systems to avoid parking on either side of the road. But co-operation for the same is a big question.
Senior police officers say that the No Parking boards will be meaningless unless there is co-operation from the public. Be it cars or bikes, or three wheeler.
Police personnel express the need for amendments to be made in the motor vehicle rules with provision to initiate stringent action or impose heavier fines on offenders who park vehicles in the places where they are not supposed to do so.
On the other hand, there is an allegation that action is taken against vehicles parked in no parking zones only in select places and that the offenders go unpunished at quite a few important locations in the city.
The police have no concrete answer on why they have not initiated action at such places. Who Cares???

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