Tuesday, Date: Jun 06, 2023 Time: 2:11 pm

Water stagnation affects traffic

Mohali: Rainfall in the city this morning resulted in water stagnation on many roads, affecting the movement of traffic at many places.
Residents wanted the Municipal Corporation Mohali to desilt the drains so that the flow of rainwater was not hindered, and had urged the civic body to complete the works before the on set of monsoon season begins.
Also, many parts of the district received rainfall last night as forecast, expected to bring more rain in the coming days and brief spell of rain is enough to fill the potholes on the roads. The locals and commuters face hardship due to this condition of the roads as the water remains stagnated for days.
The stagnated water has become a headache for the locals, especially for the motorists. The water covers the complete road which makes it difficult for the residents, even to walk on the road sides This stagnated water also leads to mosquito menace in the area. Even if there is a little rainfall the water gets stagnated in this area added residents.
Waterlogging on roads in Mohali is a common problem, as water gets accumulated on roads and gullies, and this stagnanted water acts as a breeding place for mosquitoes and flies.
Drainage system should be repaired and its maintenance should be ensured by the concerned departments. Potholes should be filled before the onset of monsoon. But Who Cares???

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