The Aman Sandesh Times

Thursday, Date: Apr 25, 2024 Time: 7:15 pm


Mohali: Standing water causes roads and pavements to deteriorate as if the standing water seeps underneath the road’s surface and freezes, it will expand which can cause the concrete to crack. Pools of water also create unseen dangers such as open manholes or missing gully covers underneath the water.
A brief spell of rain is enough to make the locals and commuters face hardship as the water remains stagnant for hours around the Spice Traffic Lights.
Stagnating water has become a headache for the locals, especially for the motorists. The water covers the road sides which makes it difficult for us to even walk on the sides of the road. This stagnating water also leads to mosquito menace in the area. Even if there is a little rainfall the water gets stagnated in this area. But Who Cares???

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