Wednesday, Date: Mar 22, 2023 Time: 12:13 pm

Water supply in many parts of Chandigarh to be hit

Chandigarh: As per information, due to cleaning of tertiary treated (T.T.) Water Underground Reservoir at Sector 29-B, Chandigarh, there will be no supply of T.T. water from 09.12.2022 to 12.12.2022 for Sector 14 A&B, 25 C&D,
15 A,B, C&D, 24 A&B, 16 A,B, C&D, 23 A&B, 17 A,B, C&D, 22 A&B, 18 A, B, C&D, 19 A, B, C&D, 20 A,B, C&D, 21 A&B, 27 C&D, 30 A,B, C&D, 28 C&D and 29 A&B, Chandigarh.

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