Saturday, Date: Mar 25, 2023 Time: 7:22 am

Web of Illegal cables on poles in Mohali

Mohali: A web of cable TV and broadband wires strung between electric poles is a common sight in Mohali. At least 15 cables are tied to every electric pole that are erected at the entry of houses in Mohali. Besides endangering the lives of road users, these cables mar the city’s aesthetics.
Residents added, Ugly cables criss cross many locations in the city and are haphazardly hung on the poles. Not a single pole in Mohali is free from these unseemly sagging wires.
All along the roads, along the footpaths, we find overhead cables of all sorts. These cables are laid by Electricity Board, Telephone department, Cable TV operators, Internet Service Providers etc. As the demand for such services has increased many folds and a number of competitors have emerged, each company lays its own cables.
The government must take stern action in the larger interest of public safety demanded a senior citizen resident who just slipped after lose wire was stuck in his feet.
These web of cables also add to the trouble of power corporation technicians who have to spend double the amount of usual time when rectifying a power snag. With the load at its peak during the summers, the risk of a major mishap arising out of a possible short circuit also two-folds as the wires get heat up abnormally.
An employee with power corporation said, “With a huge number of connections from each electricity pole, we often get muddled up. In case of a snag we have to check all the wires,” he said.
Another major concern is that the cut cables of varying lengths overflow from footpaths onto streets, lying haphazardly. Such wires get entangled by bicycles, walkers and others. Road users may trip and fall and get injured.

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