Thursday, Date: Mar 30, 2023 Time: 10:16 pm

Weed along roadsides is a health hazard in Chandigarh, Municipal Corporation helpless

Chandigarh: The wild growth of weeds, has flourished abundantly during the monsoon season. Its proliferation has become a cause for concern as it poses a risk to the health of residents as lots of mosquitoes and other insects breed there, but unfortunately, Chandigarh MC Horticulture wing in southern sectors is helpless to maintain the area as it is being maintained by the Private Company Lion Services, stated Ashwini Kumar.
The wild growth of the weed can be seen alongside roads in almost all the sectors dividing main roads along the cycle tracks as well as in the internal parts of sectors.
A visit to the smart cycle spot in Sector 41 on the main road adjoining the bus stop opposite Sector 37 revealed that the entire area had been overgrown with the weed.
Residents added, that due to overgrown weeds several insects and animals can be seen hiding in the grass and suggested the weed must be uprooted before they produced seed and get multiplied which may help in checking the growth in the next season.
A senior citizen the growth of wild grass goes unchecked in the area, adding that pavements and berms on the roads due to overgrown wild grass had become unusable, and is putting pedestrians at risk.
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