Saturday, Date: Mar 25, 2023 Time: 8:04 am

Wild growth, broken pavers a common scene near New lake in Chandigarh

Chandigarh: Wild growth on pavements and broken paver blocks has become a major cause of concern for visitors to New Lake Chandigarh Sector 42 and especially for smart bike users.
Wild grass on the footpaths at several places in and around Parking area where smart bikes are parked forced youngsters to walk to the next spot to use the bike.
A tourist added risk of insect bites increases through overgrown wild grass at the spot where the smart bikes are parked, has also increased manifold, it has been found that even at some places the grass removed was dumped at the same spot and even there were the pieces of broken glass.
“There are pavements, but due to non-maintenance, they cannot be used. Broken pavements is also a concern to be addressed, Authorities concerned spend so much money on laying paver blocks and must also inspect the material being used” said a senior citizen who had come for a walk.
At some points in the parking area in Sector 42 around new electric vehicle charging points The Aman Sandesh Times team also found “Growth of grass and caving in of paver blocks” which need a proper vigilance enquiry. Who Cares…?

Concerned officials of the Chandigarh Administration said we will look into the shortcomings in the area and will get them fixed at the earliest possible.

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