Will make a new Punjab, prosperous and usher in growth – Kejriwal

Chandigarh: AAP National convener and Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal unveiled AAP’s ‘’Punjab Model’’ ahead of assembly polls and promised justice in sacrilege cases, jobs to youth, corruption-free governance, and asserted that people want to bring his party to power to break friendly ‘’partnership’’ between Badals and Congress.
Kejriwal said Punjab model will have a 10-point agenda which will include providing free power to people up to 300 units per billing cycle and controlling drug menace. Addressing a news conference in Mohali, Kejriwal said that with announcement of polls, people are happy that they have got an opportunity to bring a change.
Kejriwal said, in 1966, Punjab became a separate state, since then till today, Congress ruled state for 25 years, while Badal’s family ruled for 19 years and mentioned both ruled state in a partnership of sorts. Whether the Badal party came to power or Congress, they ran their governments in partnership. When their government used to come to power, they never used to take action against each other.’’
Accusing the Badal family and Congress of looting state, he said, ‘’This time people have made up their mind to break this partnership and bring government of common people, common Punjabis’’, and added that people have made up their mind to give one chance to AAP. Spelling out AAP’s agenda if it comes to power, Kejriwal said he, AAP state unit chief Bhagwant Mann and other leaders have been touring Punjab over past many weeks and meeting people and based on inputs they got from various sections of people, the party has prepared the Punjab Model.
‘’When AAP will form government, we will make a new Punjab, which is prosperous and which will usher in growth,’’ said Kejriwal, whose party is eyeing to wrest power from Congress.
Touching upon the 10-point agenda, Kejriwal said employment avenues will be generated in state and youth who have left for greener pastures including Canada will contemplate coming back once they get jobs in their own state.
He said it will be AAP’s priority to control drug menace which, he said, is continuing as before as drug mafia enjoys patronage from powers that be. Establishing peace, harmony and brotherhood in the state and giving justice in sacrilege cases and strict punishment to culprits involved is also on party’s agenda, he said, adding there have been so many sacrilege incidents, but not even in one case anyone has been punished. He also promised to give corruption-free Punjab, where common man, ‘’who has to give bribes to get his work done,’’ will no longer have to do that.
Among other agenda points of the AAP’s Punjab Model, Kejriwal promised to improve state of education and health in state, where the condition of government schools, hospitals will be improved while 16,000 ‘’Mohalla Clinics’’ will also be opened in health sector.
Kejriwal said women above 18 years will be given Rs 1,000 per month. All issues of farmers will be resolved while a ‘’raid raj’’ and ‘’corruption’’ will be eliminated and a congenial atmosphere will be created for trade and industry to flourish, he added.

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