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Will there ever be an end to encroachments in Mohali???

Mohali: With the Municipal Corporation of Mohali going soft on shopkeepers, there is unfettered encroachment in Mohali have market unsafe and an eyesore for visitors.
The back side of markets in Phase 5 and 3B2 has a number of generators.
“These generators are spewing gases and cause both air and sound pollution.
Residents added, Garbage and trash can be seen strewn in spaces genset/ Generators set at most of the shops, turning these into undesignated garbage dumps. Some shops have also set up temporary sheds at the backside of showrooms, which is not permitted.
Many shopkeepers have fenced rear corridor and made space for seating far their staff and had even stored gas cylinders near gensets which could prove dangerous in case of fire. Public passages have been blocked, space in front of showrooms have been encroached upon making it difficult for pedestrians to use.
Who Cares????

We the shopkeepers do not wish to keep such gensets, but unfortunately due to frequent power shutdowns we had to keep them to avoid wastage of all such items that are required to be stored at cool temperature to avoid them getting waste, and demanded the government should upgrade the power infrastructure so that there is no need for such generators added, Sarabjit Singh Paras, Gen Secy Beopar Mandal Mohali.
If the power supply is adequate, there would be no need for generators said mot of the shopkeepers.
“Encroachments in market will be removed and generators on government land, installed without permission, will be seized if these are not removed. Once the encroachment is cleared, steps would be taken to improve the civic conditions and facilities in the Mohali,” said Navjot Kaur Municipal Commissioner Mohali.

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  • August 25, 2022 at 6:07 pm

    One more encroachment in phase 9 Industrial Area near Phillips towards railway station Road cars been park on road so commuters face difficulty to pass on. My humble request to concerned authorities to take strict action against the encroachers. Thanks


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