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With more than 700 Challans in a month Helmet-must rule goes for a toss

Mohali: Many of the bike riders in Mohali seem to be not aware of the risks associated with not wearing a helmet.
Traffic polices is required to teach them that wearing a helmet can greatly reduce the risk of injury or death in the event of an accident.
Despite Mohali traffic Police issuing more than 700 challans for driving/ riding 2 wheelers without helmet in the district it seems that the Traffic rules went for a toss in Mohali. Most of the bikes can be seen on the roads with two-wheeler riders not wearing helmets. Besides giving the head safety gear a miss, many riders can be seen indulged in triple-riding, which is prohibited by the law.
Improving road safety measures could save nearly 30,000 lives in India every year, says a study published in The Lancet journal that underlines proven interventions targeting four key risk factors- speeding, drunk driving, lack of helmet, and seatbelt use.
Helmet is effective in reducing head injuries — Wearing a helmet helps to reduce the impact of an accident on head. While riding your two-wheeler, it is very likely to be involved in an accident, then resulting head injuries can be fatal, if not wearing a helmet. If you face a collision without wearing a helmet, it might cause external as well as internal brain injuries, which can cost your life. Thus, you should wear helmets to protect your life.
Helmet ensures better control of the vehicle as it is observed that wearing a helmet improves attention while riding bike and rider tend to be more cautious when wearing a helmet while driving a two-wheeler and this lowers the chances of an accident to a great extent.
Several senior citizens said it is a common sight Mohali roads to find the two-wheeler riders without helmets, some riders are not wearing helmets at all, others are putting the headgears on their knees and hands in a bid to avoid any trouble from the cops.
The researchers found that interventions to check speeding could save 20,554 lives while promotion of crash helmets could save 5,683 lives in India. Encouraging the use of seatbelts can also save 3,204 lives in the country.
But Who Cares??

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