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World Breastfeeding week to be observed in government health institutions from August 1, 2022

Mohali : World Breastfeeding Week is being observed from August 1 to August 7 in government health institutions across the district. Civil Surgeon Dr. Adarshpal Kaur and District Family Welfare Officer Dr. Nidhi Kaushal said that patients, especially the pregnant women will be sensitized about the importance of mother’s milk during this week. This week is observed every year and this time the theme is ‘Step up for Breastfeeding, Educate and support’.
They said that mother’s milk is known to be an integral part of an infant’s overall growth cycle. Besides being an overwhelming experience for a mother, it is crucial for the development of a baby. World Breastfeeding Week is observed to emphasize the importance of regular breastfeeding for babies.
According to the World Health Organization, infants who are breastfed are more intellectual and fit. They also have a comparatively less chance of being overweight, obese and diabetes than those who are not breastfed. Breast milk is known to be the best food for newborn babies because it has antibodies which help to prevent many pediatric ailments. Therefore, every mother should breastfeed her child for six months after birth. The civil surgeon said that mother’s milk is a natural and complete food for the child, so the child does not need any other kind of milk, water or any other food. The baby should be fed frequently or as per his demand.
Health officials said after birth, the baby should not be given anything other than milk. Even if women are sick, they can continue to breastfeed their baby without any fear. The mother can breastfeed the child for up to two years or even after that.

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