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Monday, Date: Apr 22, 2024 Time: 12:18 am


Mohali: World Population Day was observed today in various government health institutions in the district. Under the guidance of the heads of the institutions, the health staff conducted various awareness activities. Civil Surgeon Dr. Adarshpal Kaur and District Family Welfare Officer Dr. Nidhi Kaushal said that various methods of family planning were explained to people coming to health facilities. Eligible couples were informed about the use of methods of family planning such as tubectomy and vasectomy, Copper IUD, Chhaya Tablet, Antra injection, contraceptive pills, condoms etc.
Health officials said that July 11 is celebrated as Population Day in order to create awareness among the general public about the ill effects of growing population and the burden that it adds to the natural resources.
Kicking off the Population Stabilization fortnight in the district, they informed that Population Day celebrations have been divided into two fortnights. The first fortnight falling between June 27 to July 10 was celebrated as the Awareness and Mobilization fortnight wherein the primary focus was on encouraging people to use family planning methods and informing them about the array of contraception methods available. The second fortnight kicked off on July 11 focuses on Population Stabilization. During the coming two weeks special Camps would be organized in government health institutions to provide family planning/sterilisation services to the persons who have pre-registered themselves in the Awareness fortnight. Free of cost tubectomy and vasectomy operations will be performed.

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