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Tuesday, Date: Apr 23, 2024 Time: 4:28 pm


Mohali: Roadside railings and road dividers in the Mohali city seems to be missing every few metres. In some places, parts of railings have been sawed off, in others they have been broken forcibly.
“Road divider railings were erected for the safety of pedestrians and commuters by streamlining vehicular movement along the road, but the cops didn’t realise that residents have a habit of crossing roads wherever it suits them. If railings come in their way, the easiest way out is to break free,” said a resident.
Along a stretch on Phase 5 PTL road, the road divider has been reduced to a hollow frame. “The civic sense of the people can be judged from the deplorable condition of the roadside railings. I think Mohali city in the world because its citizens do not care. I don’t believe that drug peddlers and rag-pickers are solely responsible for this damage,” said a senior citizen.
The purpose of such railings is to prevent people from jaywalking across the road. But Who cares????

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