Wednesday, Date: Mar 22, 2023 Time: 11:30 am

Stray dogs keep city residents on the edge

Mohali: Residents in Mohali have been forced to live in constant fear in their localities due to the rise in stray dog menace. Most of the residents are complaining about the rise of stray dog menace in their areas, streets and have also reported cases of stary dogs attacking the people and injuring them.
Residents said that they have seen dogs roaming in their localities and added the dogs barking give nightmare to people forcing them to have sleepless nights.
A senior citizen added, that it is horrific to see so many dogs walking together in the area and other surroundings, it is more dangerous for the kids and senior citizens as the stray dogs follow people everywhere forcing them to stay enclosed into their houses.
“I was on my way stray dogs attacked me. Other commuters immediately came and rescued me. Several complaints were filed but nothing has been done and the menace continues,”
added residents.
Residents added, it has become dangerous, especially for children. Many have stopped sending their children outside their homes alone due to the stray dogs always roaming around freely in the residential areas.”
There are at least half a dozen street dogs in each locality. Residents are facing a lot of problems because of these stray dogs and had urged the Municipal Corporation authorities to address the menace immediately. Who Cares???

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